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Featuring Frankie Cerquetti and Todd Collins

When recording my podcasts I always end with two questions, and six answers from my guest. I had Frankie Cerquetti on a few days ago. I think her tips on video, and apps she uses may help you guys! I asked Frankie for three tips to making better video that a beginner or intermediate, can do today to make things easier or better for their own profiles.

Tip 1. The first example Frankie used was if you're filming an event or, something special try to tell the story of what's happening in the room in 10 shots. So when we talk about B role, the general footage that goes on top of the interview or the voiceover. " Someone said to me once, to bury the shots ". So get a side angle of maybe there's a speaker talking, get the audience reaction, make sure you're establishing where the heck you are. Like signage and things like that. Challenge yourself as you're filming to creatively tell the story visually in 10 shots.

Tip 2.

Going off of the 10 shots to do a variety of shots. Think about doing a wide shot and a medium and a close up. It sounds really simple, but when you're filming sometimes, at least even for experienced videographers, you get caught up in maybe nerves sometimes or you're just trying to get settled in and get the feel of the room. First of all, take your time as you're filming. You're kind of the one in control. Whether it's a narrative piece, you're directing or you're filming a live of stream, whatever it is. Take your time, maybe you're filming someone, get a wide shot of them, zoom in again and then get another close-up. That will just help in the editing that you have the same shot for 10 minutes. You're changing it up.

Tip 3. At number three, think if you're editing, if you're dabbling in editing, again going back to watch work, figure out your style, figure out, "I really want to implement this thing that this person did." I would say the good pacing is really important in video. So for example, if I'm editing something and it's an air view and someone just said something that's a mic drop, you know that's the moment. Be really mindful of the pacing because your audience needs a minute to kind of process. If this is the big moment in the video, to process what was just said. So don't be afraid to have pauses. Kind of let the music go up a little bit before you go into the next point, if that makes sense.

So also assume that your audiences might be smarter than you think. Filmmaking can also be subtle. Let your viewers discover the story. Maybe you're, I don't know, you're building up whatever call to action like slowly. You don't give it all away right away. Let your viewers kind of go on a journey. Whether it's a video that's supposed to be humorous or one that's supposed to be super serious.

Mobile Apps Videographers are using-

Time-lapse apps. If you're trying to step up even your social media game too. I have this one app called Framelapse. If I'm filming a behind the scenes of maybe what we're doing, maybe to shoot or something, it just kind of changes up our stories a little bit.

Side Note- Time-lapse is a great and easy way to fill for B-Roll, as well to set the stage of video you may be shooting.

Really, really practical, a screen recording app. I have an Android, so I use AZ Screen Recorder. If you have something that you want to re-share, stuff like that, give credit, but that's good for Instagram stories. Of course if you have an Iphone you can simply swipe from the right corner of your screen, and recored from there with a 3 second delay.

SnapSeed is good for overlaying things we use that quite a bit.

VSCO I really love, and you can use VSCO for photo and video as well.

Take This Away With You-

I want you guys to understand that you have the ability to create, and we're so lucky to have the ability to create things within the palm of our hand on a daily basis. We talked about a lot of equipment and a lot of strategies and things like that. You guys have a device in your hand, whether it's an iPhone or an Android, it doesn't matter. You have a device that have these endless arrays of mobile applications and technology that can help tell stories like never before. And if you're not taking advantage of that, and you're overthinking the creative, I'm telling you, you're going to lose because there's a lot of us out there that are doing it, and we're telling you how to do it. So go create and try something new.


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