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Nostalgia Marketing in 2019

As I turned 40 this year i stopped and looked around at the limited amount of imagination, and inventiveness of toys today. I mean really? Fidget spinners? This is the best you could do? In the 80's and 90's when I was growing up the toys, cartoons, TV shows etc were amazingly imaginative. From Air Wolf a top secret helicopter, to Kitt from Knight Rider a talking car, to The Fall Guy a stunt man who moonlighted as a private investigator.

Cartoons like GI Joe, She-Ra, Jem, Transformers, Go Bots, M.A.S.K, Family television like Full House, Step By Step, Family Matters, Family Ties, Growing Pains the list goes on. Music like Nirvana, 2Pac, Biggie, Guns N Roses, Sound Garden, I mean we were really spoiled with just amazing content. That being said in the 2000's it was as if the ideas ran dry. We had to dip back into the past to recreate what was once an amazing time of context, and content.

As I sit here and write this I am listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd " Simple Man " which is a 3:16 story, that if you close your eyes is like reading a book. Based on this I feel there is massive opportunity for what I call " Nostalgia Marketing ".

What do I mean by this? I mean based on your business you can tap into the feelings of nostalgia to the current 30-45 year old demo that is the current prime buyer for most verticals. A few ways are using some of the following ideas that I think would create an emotion in that demographic that could help make a connection between your brand and them.

1. GiveAways- Imagine doing a giveaway on your page of nostalgic toys for your followers. Hit eBay or Amazon, grab a few vintage toys and have an online contest. Just because you're a dentist, or a car dealer doesn't mean you wont gain followers, or interest. I guarantee that will get more engagement, and interest to your page than your typical sales post about being the best dentist, or lowest priced car dealer.

2. Ask Questions- Ask your followers questions about their favorite shows, toys, clothes, games etc from when they were growing up. Take polls of one specific toy or show versus another. Like Saved By the Bell vs. 90210 lol! Or who was better? Thunder Cats or Gargoyles? We all know the answer to that one...:-)

3. Trivia- Now a days trivia is kind of a well known gig inside restaurants. However getting nostalgic with the trivia can bring in a whole new demographic if the topic is chosen properly. 80's Cartoon Trivia. 90's Sitcom Night etc. With the right topic you can count on a huge turn out, especially if you create a special menu of drinks and food based on the topic. For example a Friends Trivia Night with a menu like the one seen below.

4. Scavenger Hunts- I have always been obsessed with scavenger hunts. Create a month long scavenger hunt using nostalgic riddles, images, and materials that jog the memories of this demographic. For example find a old Sears catalog and circle, or highlight certain things people need to find or take pictures of to share. Or hide Garbage Pail Kids cards around your local area giving hints to where they would be hidden for your followers to win prizes.

Generating interest to your pages with entertaining, nostalgic memories is a great way to tap into the current market of todays buyer. Dont miss out on the opportunities you have to use these ideas to create brand awareness.


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