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How You Can Succed With Better Customer Service

Since it's giving Tuesday I want to talk about giving better customer service to your clients, and why its important. There is sacrifice of your personal time to shine brighter than others, so be ready! Happy #GivingTuesday

We all can remember a time where we had bad service. When this occurs it causes a ripple effect though the social media and review eco-system. You cant wait to tell everyone how terrible the service was, or how badly you were treated. However we rarely talk abut the excellent service or assistance we receive.

This being said here are a few things to check off your list to lead to better customer service.

You Should: Be Proactive Not Reactive

You have to be proactive in educating your client. The last thing you want is them coming to you with potential solutions or ideas that they are expecting from you. You need to really deep dive into what their pain points are. Once you have seen this, you develop your solutions in a proactive way to solve the problems that may not even knew they had.

You Should: Be a Team Member Not A Vendor or Service

One of my best strengths is creating relationships. My father taught me a long time ago that " If someone is willing to give you their money, you have to be willing to give them your ear ". It's important that you pay attention to whats happening with them. If they call you and are having an issue that may not pertain to your service; you should listen. Become a friend, and that added value creates a stickiness and loyalty beyond any contract. Great service is built on that back by doing more than what you have been paid to do. I have always said " Successful People do What Unsuccessful People are Unwilling to Do ".

You Should: Be The Expert

This one is important so its BIGGER! You need to be the Master of your Craft. This take years to accomplish, however if you are going to give the proper customer service you need to have the answers. If you dont know the answer the best reply is " I dont have the answer to that right now, however I will have it for you shortly ".

You Should Not: Say Yes To Everything

You thought I was going to say you should didn't you? I am a strong believer in that you have the right to charge for what you do. When you offer great customer service, and you have created a great relationship some clients will see how far they can push the relationship. I do agree you should go above and beyond, however if you believe that the client is outside the scope you need to ask for your due. Do not get caught in this trap or it will never end. It may hurt at first, however your client will respect you more, and you will work harder for your client. Which in turn 100% leads to better service.

You Should Not: Make It Hard to Contact You

Remember when I said you will need to sacrifice leisure time? Well you need to do that to be successful its just how the game is played. This will set you apart from the lazy people in your field 9-5 does not exist anymore. Most people do their shopping, follow up, and responses between 8:00pm-11:00pm so you need to pick that phone up, respond to that email ASAP, or have a Chat Section/FAQ on your site to help a client in a pinch. When someone cant get what they need when they need it, thats when the frustration starts. Its much easier to be accessible to quickly minimize issues.

I have been able to apply all of these with success in our own agency, as well in my personal life. I implore all of you start changing your way of thinking when it comes to customer service. Remember its more time than anything that will be the difference maker. Be accessible, Listen to their gripes, and be Proactive in their needs. I know it can be hard sometimes, but its truly one of the roads to success, your customers will then become your best advocates when you need them.


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