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How To Up Your Instagram Game

1 Billion Users and growing—the number of people on Instagram every single day.

So why in the hell would you not be using this platform for your business? Take these up to date tips I use everyday to up your " Gram Game "

My Tips #1: #Hashtags

You have to use hashtags to draw in awareness, however using hashtags that do not make sense to the content you are posting is not the right move. Posts that include at least one hashtag have seen up to 12.6% increased engagement. These hashtags help categorize your content on the platform. It will eventually lead to your brand getting more followers and engagement if used properly like stated above.

In your mastery of hashtags, make sure to keep them short, simple and most importantly, relevant. For example, when posting a photo of my car, I may use the hashtags #Lexus, #RC350 and #LexusOwner. Short, sweet and descriptive.

If you want to connect to local ‘Instagrammers", hashtags with your location are a good idea as it pulls into that location feed. This is something that is highly underused but really turbo boots awareness of your brand or page. Additionally, you can use and create your own hashtags however you will need to ask your followers to use that when sharing their own content relevant to your brand.

For example, If I wanted my clients to share their businesses online reviews, and use #restaurantreputations this is a great way to reuse that content to build awareness to one of our verticals and reach new potential clients.

Another important note to remember is to not over-hashtag, as this can make your posts look spammy, and will actually attract other spam accounts. I do use the first comment in my own posts for my hashtags as this keeps the copy looking clean, however still keeps the reach where I want it. Normally I will use quite a few however I adjust on each post. Test what works best for you, and check your internal Instagram reporting analytics in your app.

My Tips #2: Tag a brand

When you tag another Instagram account in your photos, or video this is a great way to target not only a competitor but to engage with your competitors followers! This is not a move for everyone however some followers will be enticed by a brand that does this. You can also do this with new partnerships or use of the product that brand uses in your post. This will really move you up the ranks quickly from an awareness standpoint.

Make sure the photo or video actually features the brand, otherwise you can get flagged for spam. These big brands will have a massive following so its almost guaranteed you will gain followers from this tactic. Be sure to look for the blue verification check so you do not tag a bogus or spam account with a hijacked username.

For example, I could take a picture with my #BangEnergyDrink and their can in the gym and tag them @BangEnergy. Getting some exposure from a big brand could help you significantly increase followers, and in turn, get more likes!

My Tips #3: Use Visually Appealing Photos or Video

Keep your photos and video simple and fun. If you are featuring products in a photo, make sure the background not cluttered as this takes away from the focus of the post. Sometimes, a crisp white background is the best option, or you can blur the background using the portrait feature on your device to really focus on the product or person.

Instagram has many filters to choose from, so take some time to play around with them to see which one suits your photo or video best! More than anything use Boomerang, use Superzoom, use Gifs to translate your feeling. The creative spectrum is endless, I know it seems contradicting to my KISS but simple and creative should be the target.

Like anything, practice makes perfect. Don’t give up, and you’ll be taking photos and shooting video like a pro in no time!

My Tips #4: Know Your Audience

You have got to know your audience. One of the biggest slip ups here is posting and then walking away. First you need to offer three important things when posting. 1. Be educational 2. Be informative 3. Be Entertaining. You have got to engage with your audience when they comment on your post be sure to comment back, thank them, offer them advice etc. This will continue the loyalty to your brand and profile to keep them coming back for more. Try using some emojis, I find that emojis are like cusswords they can impact the sentence heavily to create an emotion in the reader.

My Tips #5: Ask For It

Ask for engagement! For example, Double tap if you like my new jacket, tag a friend who is looking for a jacket like this, share this photo if you love this and want one like it, click the link in my bio to buy it now using this discount code #20off, etc. Above all else, and I can not stress this enough please start using Instagram stories. You can apply everything I stated above to your stories. The statistics are off the charts that millions of people are spending their time in the stories feature. If thats the case you should be too.

If you want me to take a look at your profile, and give you some helpful hints send me a DM on Instagram @ToddCollinsOfficial. Happy Instagramming! Is that even a word?


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