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How I Quadrupled My Money with Candy!

⭕️How Blow-Pops and Eye-Poppers changed my life forever ⭕️ • My first taste of entrepreneurship 👇 • When I was in 6th grade I wanted a pair of Air Jordan’s. That year was not the best in a fiscal sense for my family. My father had lost his job, and basketball season was coming up. I needed a pair of basketball shoes 👟 so my Dad took me to Dollar 💵 General and bought me a pair of red L.A. Gear. Now I appreciate what he did, however then I just could not understand why I couldn’t get what I wanted. There was a small family owned convenience store near my house that sold Eye 👁 Poppers, and Blow-Pops for $0.05 a piece. I skipped lunch 🥙 at school for a week. Back then lunch at school was around $1.50 a day if I can remember correctly. That weekend I took the $7.00 or so dollars 💵 and stocked up on Eye Poppers and Blow Pops. I told my Dad I was brown bagging my lunch that Monday. Monday morning I was open for business at the bus 🚎 stop, at my locker in the am, at lunch, at recess. Knowing full well I had to make the money before most kids paid for lunch. I charged $1.00 per Blow Pop, and $0.75 for the Eye Poppers. This was my first taste of financial freedom, entrepreneurship, supply and demand, as well as opportunity. 1 month later I was wearing Air Jordan’s on the court.

The moral of this story is that if you want something bad enough you have the ability to turn nothing into something. By refusing to accept the fact that I did not have the opportunity to earn a pair of Air Jordan's I was able to create something that could provide me with what I needed to do so.

You can apply this to anything you want to accomplish, just know that you need to provide value or a need to create the wealth. You then need to follow up the value with service to create the longevity of the wealth.

* Note- In no way did Blow Pops, or Eye Poppers pay me for this post lol!


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