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How hashtags can help you reach the outer limits and engage the cool kids

The facts are in: if you are not using hashtags, you are missing out! With a tweet with hashtags being 33% more likely to get retweeted, it's not a secret that most people get confused on where to put them as well as when to use them. See how some of these tips can help make a bit of sense of it for you.

The Hashtag Big 3

The hashtag (#) turns any word, or group of words, into a link that can be searched. When writing a hashtag, leave your grammar at the door – no punctuation, no spaces! The best way to keep your message clear is to capitalize each word #LikeThis, otherwise known as using CamelCase. Got it? Let’s move on!

There are three ways businesses can use hashtags to their advantage.

  1. To reach the out-limit by joining a conversation that is already in progress.

  2. To engage the " Cool Kids " ( Influencers ) by starting a new conversation.

  3. To create awareness around a brand itself to people interested in the topic

Reaching the outer limit

The big thing here is keep it simple. Follow businesses that are similar to yours, see how they use hashtags, as well as which ones seem to be working for them. Lets use the below as an example, this, “Take a bite out of our best burger today! #BurgerLover #Foodie #CheatMeal” is better than this, “Take a bite out of our best burger today! #WhatsForDinner #Foodie #EatClean #CommonTable #OnMyTable #TasteMade #ForkYea #OnTheTable #FoodStyling #BeautifulCuisines #HeresMyFood #TheArtOfSlowLiving #FreshFoods #CheatMeal #BurgerLover #Foodstagram #BurgerLife”.

Tip: Use hashtags that are already being used in pre-existing conversations that have engagement.

Engaging the “ The Cool Kids “ ( Influencers )

The second way that you can use hashtags to build your business is by starting a conversation with the followers that you already have by creating an original hashtag. This is a great for you to begin your following, as well as extend on your current brand awareness.

Original hashtags can be used for promotions, contests, events, and the like. Just be sure that when you are creating an original hashtag that it is clear, simple, unique, and catchy. No one will want to join your conversation if it’s confusing or boring.

The Hash Tag King and Queen

Using hashtags is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each platform will have its unspoken rules of how many hashtags are acceptable. Where Instagram shows posts with an average of nine hashtags performing the best, I am not a personal fan of Facebook hashtags as I just don't see people searching Facebook via the hashtag. Twitter and Instagram always seems to be the performers in this area.

Do you want to #Trend?

These tips and tricks for how to use hashtags as a business are about more than getting ahead in a technological age. It is about creating brand awareness around your business, your community, and potential customers that will want to engage with you. Take these tips and apply them to your posts and update me on the results you get. You may be very surprised by the results. Always remember that patience is the key and consistency is the guide.


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