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Hacking Linkedin 101

I sat down with Kait LeDonne the other day and she absolutely blew my mind on her insights with Linkedin. In my opinion it's the most ignored platform by professionals, not the most used. Let's jump into some Linkedin hacks, and some motivation with Kait LeDonne.

Clarity of Content: If you are afraid or if your mind goes blank when you go to create content, you need to focus on the following.

Here's the thing, just come up with the top 10 questions people ask you, even if they're about your story, not even about your business. But the top 10 questions people ask you about your business or clients ask you, and then write out answers to those. However, when you're writing out answers, don't get all technical. Write it to your mother, or your father or your brother or your friend, whoever is close in your life. Write it as a letter, because usually the second we frame it in talking to our friends, all of that expert level language that we don't even realize we're doing because we do what we do on a day in and day out basis, becomes familiar. It becomes easier to digest and it becomes easier to follow.

The Heminway App: So the Hemingway App is website where you put content in, and then it brings it down to a sixth grade reading level. And people are like, "I went to college. My clients are going to be so offended. This is unprofessional. Oh my goodness, millennials, they ruin the English language." But the reality is the majority of adults in America read at a ninth grade level, and most people prefer to read two grade levels below what their reading level is. So most mass marketed novels are written on a seventh grade level. If you're writing above a seventh grade level, a publisher's going to tell you, we're getting a little dangerous here. So you always want to check your voice and, I call it the expert gap, close that expert gap. Start by writing it to a friend or a family member, and then get your best checked through the Hemingway app. It's going to make your content super digestible. Check It Out Here:

Content Blocking: When I'm in a content block, I film myself, and then I just send it off to and get the thing captioned or transcribed. And then I'll either take the transcription and I'll make it a long form post, or I'll take the captions and I'll just put the video up.

So video's performing... You know this guys, I mean, there's a reason I asked him to do this in person so a videographer could be here. because video performs. But a lot of people aren't taking it the step further and then just paying somebody to transcribe it. They're thinking, okay, now I have this flash in the pan content You said it wonderfully. You're turning this into a blog post. But then they think, oh, I don't have somebody on staff to do it. No, there's virtual assistants who will transcribe the video, or there's apps who will literally transcribe and caption the video. So if you're not making use of either something like Assistant Match or Fiverr or to create your content, do that. Film yourself, because again, you speak much more conversationally and in a way that's easier to understand than you write. So just start banging out videos. You need to do it. ( "Thats exactly how this Blog was created")- Todd :-)

Profiles Are Stronger Than Website: Tip number three, I'll say this. I say it about LinkedIn, but it's transferable to every social media platform. If your intention is to curate an audience or specifically to get clients, your profile should be nothing about you and everything about them. I get a lot of pushback on this, especially on LinkedIn and we're like, "It's a professional platform. It is set up in a way to show my past experiences" and that's great. The reason my profile converts before people even get on the phone with me is that I look at the LinkedIn profile as a sales page and if gun to my head tomorrow, somebody said, "Choose your website or choose your LinkedIn profile", I would say "Screw the website." I don't need it because the profile is actually structured in such a sales page way, like one big sales page that I'm basically having a duplicate of my website on a place where people are already fishing. They don't need to break and then go to the website. So look at any property that you have. And I just did a LinkedIn profile overhaul with a gentleman out of California and he really got it, but his whole about section, we just made questions about his clients like why is it so hard to design winning teams? Why is it that you can't align your business strategy with your people strategy? What is the top four out of five challenges CEOs face? In this case it was people problems and most people when I revealed the profile they're like, "But wait, it says nothing about me." I'm like, "Your content will say everything about you. You'll start showing up on videos, they'll get a feel for your flavor, for your voice, for your tone" but that mainstay thing that people then get breadcrumbed back to to find out more. That should actually be about them, not about you and that's where I always say the messaging is usually off for people if they're not seeing those conversions. because if you've got people in their senior content, they're like, "He's a likable guy" and then they're coming to your LinkedIn profile and it's just more about you.

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