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Getting Bitchy With The Bitchy Waiter

Hey guys, I'm super excited to share the time I spent with Darron Cardosa, more popularly

known as; The Bitchy Waiter, one of my most followed pages. I interact and engage with this

page so much. I have been following Darron for quite a while.

No one, I think, has tapped into the humor of the restaurant industry more than him. Darron is going to try to help, maybe even give some of the secrets. A little secret sauce that he uses,

no pun intended, on what he does to expand his brand awareness.

Ok so lets get into the Top 6 of The Bitchy Waiters tidbits.


Darron and I connected about a year ago when I was in Florida, I just randomly DM’ed him.

I was in an Uber and I said to my driver, You know what man? I've been following this guy.

He is fucking hilarious. I love him. There's got to be something that we could do together.

He goes, "Man, that guys never going to hit you back" ... "Do you know how many followers that guy has"? Of course, I was a nobody out there. I DM'ed him, and he hit

me back right away. Like, What's up, man? What do you want to do? I was like,Oh my

god. Is this for real? , and we connected. We have stayed in connection ever since. I think thats

one of those big things. One of those big defining differences between Darron, and a lot of

these other people out there that claim to be either influencers or people that are really

sharing good creative content out there. He really engages and interacts with his people. He

tries to respond to every question or query he gets because you truly never know what

connection is going to lead you to the next step. You don’t know who necessarily is DMing

you at some points in time, and it could be somebody that gives you a really big opportunity.

Not only that but if somebody is going to reach out with ideas, take those ideas, use their

help. Don’t be the asshole that just ignores people, take advantage of this help for your own good. So lesson one a lot goes down in the DM, TAKE A CHANCE!


Darron actually has a book out that you can purchase on amazon that goes into his

experiences at restaurants and such, but he has been thinking up ideas for a second book. The second book is going to be more serious and inspirational, and less bitching. I think with

getting more inspiration, this gives him the opportunity to share a little bit from a more

personal side, a “This is how I got to where I am”. I just posted the other day talking about

the truth about things that happened to me, like bankruptcy and divorce. The minute that I

started talking about that type of stuff, and became super transparent and super vulnerable,

everyone started magnetizing towards me more. Darron wants to take that route by centering

his second book around the many shitty jobs he’s gone through, but without them, he

wouldn’t be where he is today. That is quite literally my story, and theres a lot of people, not

only that follow me, that basically say the same thing. Where its like, they put so much

emphasis on what happened to them before. This bad thing that happened to them before, and

right now in their life they're really really good. Things are going great. I'm like, Do you

realize that that bad decision that you made, or that negative situation that you were in, led you to this point? If that wouldn't have occurred, you wouldn't be here. You had to go

through that to learn that lesson, to get here. Does that make sense? They would be like,

Oh my god, yeah. You're right. Sharing this type of personal information, it really does

help a lot of people. As well as grows your personal connection with them that creates follows and engagement.


In Darron’s case, Facebook was his first way of trying to figure out how to get people back to

his blog, and even to this day, the majority of his traffic comes from Facebook. Put a link on

your Facebook page, and all that traffic will go to your blog. He started back when Facebook

was just beginning, and now he’s got almost 1 million followers. Now, Facebook is a whole

different animal, with so many different features. Once you realize how to direct people from

your Facebook, and then monetize your posts, Facebook can be huge for brand awareness. But Darron has also expanded is net to snapchat, Twitter, Tiktok, and Youtube. Remember cast a wide net, and you will catch more fish.


What I love about Darron is that he doesn’t ask for anything, he’s just like, I'm putting this

shit out here. If you guys like it, follow me. That's awesome. If you don't like me, fuck you. It

doesn't matter. I'm that same mindset, right?

When you have that mindset, you attract so many other people. Because theres a lot of

people that want to feel that way and be that way. But they don't have the ability to do that.

So they're attracted to people that have the willingness to do that, and thats what ends up

happening. That's where you build that tribe. He has these 800,000 people that are behind

him, and thats a very very powerful thing.


A lot of people think when they start to build a platform, the first thing necessary is to

monetize their social media. People are always telling Darron to start a subscription fanbase

or a Patreon page, but he doesn’t want to be the guy that charges people just to be on his

page. That’s just lame. I think at the end of the day, the legacy of you is more important than

the monetization of what you do. I think the monetization will just come. when people like

someone and they don't ask for anything in return, the supports there that if you were to put

something out and say, Hey guys. I really want to keep doing this. But I need a little bit of

support from you guys, there would be a ton of people behind you to help support that. I

don't think thats a selfish way of asking. Guys like The Bitchy Waiter, the Shift Drink guys,

and Honest Restaurant Manager guys all care more about their fans than they care about making money.

That is why I truly believe those guys are so much more successful than everybody else who

tries to monetize it.


Something that both Darron and I both do with our social media is to make sure to get any

and every new app that comes out, just so we make sure our handle is secured on each

platform. Not only secure your username but start posting on these new platforms. I believe

that if you started posting on Snapchat and TikTok now, its going to elongate the lifespan of

your brand over the next 10 to 15 to 20 years. Even If you're not going to use those

platforms, you're going out and getting your username. Thats really really smart. But at the

same time, if you start distributing that content now on those platforms, where those 18 to

25-year-old’s are, and you start tracking them as your fan base, all you're doing right now is

just putting equity into that younger generation. A perfect example is when Instagram

and Facebook were down the other day, where the fuck did you guys go? You went to

twitter. When you cast a wider net you aren’t going to freak out when one platform is down

because you're like, Okay. Thats cool. Facebook and Instagram are down right now. I can

still share my content on Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Your Podcast. All these other different

pages. LinkedIn is a lot like Facebook now. You can really get super creative. It's not that B

to B bullshit anymore. You can really create some amazing relationships on there that can

take you to the next level. Thats what I always talk about; Casting the wider net. So then

you're never stuck in a situation like that. Where if you're an influencer and you're only on

Instagram, or you're only on Facebook, and it goes down? You’re screwed. Because this is

twice in now the last 90 days. Its going to keep happening. So make today the day you taste some new platforms.

At the end of the day Darron is an actor, singer, waiter, content creator, and much much more. We all have talents. tap into those talents, dont overthink it. You may be surprised about how many people would be interested in your passions.

Edited by: Mattie Devers

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