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Creating Revenue Using Data

Most people do not look past today. My job is to take people ( My Clients ) but mostly everyone I come in contact with to 10-20 years from now. As Business owners you have got to start planning that far ahead. Imagine knowing what the next big app is, or a stock thats going to sky rocket before everyone else does.

This is where leveraging data comes in, let me ask you a few questions.

1. How many customer email addresses do you have on file?

2. How many customer phone numbers do you have on file?

3. How often do you communicate with your customers on those two platforms?

4. Do you have FREE Wi-Fi in your brick and mortar business?

Watch Below as I explain to a restaurant owner why they need to collect customer data, what to do with it, and how it can create wealth for them during an exit strategy.

It's important to understand how your customers think. Honestly they think just like you do, however you most likely are not marketing to them that way. The minute you start seeing it from their perspective your strategies will most likely change. The great thing is not only will your strategies change, but your results will as well.

Check out these amazing statistics from Toast

  1. 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience. (Source)

  2. 95% of restaurateurs agree that restaurant technology improves their business efficiency. (Source)

  3. The most important technology features for guests are online reservations, FREE WIFI, and online ordering


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