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4 Epic Instagram Story Apps That Will Blow Your Mind!

In my ever growing journey to help you gals and guys create some of the most epic content I have 4 new mobile applications that are helping tell my story a bit more creativity throughout the day.

Many of the clients I work with have internal marketing departments. Some have a brand kit, and some do not. I believe having a brand kit is important because it helps you stay in a bit of organized creativity. Canva as some of you know give you the ability to create a very good brand kit so be sure to check it out.

However that is not one of the epic mobile apps that will blow your f'ing Instagram stories up like firecracker. I do know that these applications are available on ios devices. However I would hope they are available in Android as well.

So lets get started cause I am sure you want to get creating and posting...

App #1- Voice Story

This is a great application that is already set to snapchat and Instagram stories dimensions. You have the ability to record 15 seconds of voice or audio that can get your followers attention as a preview to either your next story or to swipe up to your link or IGTV.

The app will also transcribe your audio to subtitles so if the follower does not have sound on they can read it instead. You have the ability to use the stock backgrounds, or upload your own background image. Now the Voice Story logo will stay on the screen when you download to your camera roll, however you can cover that up with a sticker or gif in stories.


App #2- Mematic

The second mobile app may be one you have already heard of. However as memes have become a great way to entertain your audience, and even tell a story Mematic gives you the ability to make a meme very quick on the go. You also have five different formats to create memes with. Epic!!! right? By the way did I mention it's FREE?


App #3- MoJo

This one has become one of my daily used applications for Instagram stories. I use it almost daily to help really give all of you a creative way to deliver my message. Pre-made video stories that are fully customizable to your brand, and message. You can upload logos, stickers, and change your calls to action right from the app. If you download any of these apps MoJo should be the one hands down!


App #4- VideoSaver

Now we have all had the issue of seeing a video that we either cant download or want to download and share but don't know how. This is where VideoSaver comes into save the day. With VideoSaver you simply take the link you have copied, paste it in the mobile application and KABOOM!!! The video is saved to your camera roll...wala :-) Its really that simple, however its a huge life and time saver for those who need content quick.

Bonus App- You know I always give you one more tee-hee.

The bonus app is not necessarily an app but a great and guaranteed way to remove the background to an image of a person accurately, with out you have to do it your self.

Go to your browser and type in Select a photo of a person in your camera roll let the software do its work. It takes maybe less than a second. Hold the image and save to your camera roll. There you go a transparent background image for your stories that you can use as a sticker :-)

If you would like to learn more about how I create using these tools be sure to follow me on Instagram @ToddCollinsOfficial.


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