I am the Chief Operating Officer of Platinum Reputations, a company that works to help businesses and individuals with their online brand. I currently work with over 400 clients building digital marketing strategies, managing online reputation, and assisting businesses in conquering their local markets. Today, I have a fast-paced life speaking in front of audiences across the globe sharing my expertise, eating lunch with Tony Robbins, and helping run a very
successful agency.

Life was not always this easy for me. I went from having my car repossessed in front of a client, to sitting at a table with Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins in just 6 years. That’s hard work and hustle at its finest. From my experiences, I have learned a lot and have created tips that help keep me on track and can help you too.


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Todd Collins

COO, Platinum Reputations

10400 Ridgland Rd, Suite 9A
Cockeysville, Maryland, 21030
(888) 568-3301

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